Pedagogical Philosophy

Freedom School’s pedagogical philosophy is: Black children and Black people are incarnations of greatness.  However, education takes place in a context of resistance to global anti-Black racism.  Freedom schooling is a tool through which political transformation and social transformation can occur and young, Black children can participate in political and analytical resistance.  In the context of Freedom school, the social and family background of Black children are seen as a strength that children can bring into their learning environment since the classroom should be constructed around the personal, family, and community experiences of students.  Freedom School’s theoretical frameworks are: Black power, Afrocentric pedagogy, the Black consciousness movement.  Our teachings begin with self love, pride in self and community. We are also informed by politics of intersectionality and anti-oppression as they relate to Afrocentrism.

Daily Themes

Day 1 – “I’m Black and I’m Proud” – Black Pride and Intersectionality

Day 2 – Freedom Schools

Day 3 – The BlackLivesMatter Movement

Day 4 – Black and Indigenous Solidarity

Day 5 – Black Resistance in Canada

Day 6 – Aiyiti and the Revolution

Day 7 – Carnival and the Bussa Rebellion

Day 8 – Nanny Maroon and the 1st Maroon war

Day 9 – Brazil and the Revolution

Day 10 – Disabilities Justice

Day 11 – Plant Healing for Black Liberation

Day 12- Black Americans Uprisings

Day 13- Black Liberation Superheroes!

Day 14- Media Game Strong

Day 15- Preparing for the Stage

Closing Art Show – The Art of BLMTO Freedom School

Closing Action – TBD based on current events in late July

Ways of Knowing

Freedom School acknowledges many ways of knowing and styles of learning.  As such, students will receive lessons through oral stories, books, film, animation, technology (e.g. 360 video), song., games.  Students will express knowledge through writing, visual arts, dance, poetry, martial arts, drumming etc.

Youngest Freedom Fighters Curriculum (Under 4 program)  

The Youngest Freedom Fighter (Under 4 year old program) will mirror the Freedom School program and curriculum.  However, lessons will adapted to be child friendly and accessible to this age group. The under 4 program will focus heavily and love of and pride in self and community.  The youngest freedom fighter program will focus on building emotional security.