Closing Art Show

On the final Friday of Freedom School, the students visual art work from Freedom School will be exhibited at the Black Artists Network Dialogue (B.A.N.D) Gallery at 1 Lansdowne Avenue (Queen and Lansdowne).  Parents, friends, and family are invited to B.A.N.D. gallery to see the students’ work.  All students will be expected to attend, as there will be performances, and certificates awarded.  On the last day of Freedom School (July 29th) please pick your child up from Freedom School and bring them B.A.N.D. gallery for the commencement of the event at 6pm.  If you are unable to pick up your child from Freedom School, your child may be bussed from Freedom School to the closing event at 6pm.

Information about the Closing Arts Show:

The Art of BLMTO Freedom School is a show that celebrates the contributions of children to the #BlackLivesMatter movement.  The show will explore the notion of a #BlackLivesMatter superhero – the superhero community organizers that inspire our work as artists and activists, the superheroes that fought historically for our people’s freedom, and the children themselves as Black Liberation Superhero Freedom fighters.  It will explore the history and current power of movement building in Black communities.

The Art of BLMTO Freedom School will feature art from collaborating professional artists such as: Nadijah Robinson, Kit Lang, Janine Carrington, Amber Williams-King, and Melisse Watson.  These are aritsts who created educational resources for BLMTO Freedom School, participated as facilitators, or whose work is an inspiration to the students.  Their work is in mediums such drawing, quilting, printmaking, animation etc.  The children’s work will work in mirroring mediums to explore  themes of resistance to state violence, and community activism.

The Art of BLMTO Freedom School show will remain in the gallery from July 29th-August 5th.  At this time, the students work will be available for pickup.