Arts of BLMTO Freedom School

Works by Kit Lang

#BlackLivesMatter – Toronto and The Allen Expressway Queen Nanny Marshia P Johnson Crip Hop Nation Erika Huggins and the Oakland Community School


BADC Canadian Sleeping Car Porters Sisters in the Struggle The Seven Women


Zavisha Time: Series of Black Liberation Dolls

Closing Art Show- BLMTO Fashion Statement

On the final Friday of Freedom School, the students visual art work from Freedom School will be exhibited at the Blank Canvas Gallery at 890 St. Clair (St. Clair and Winona). Parents, friends, and family are invited to Blank Canvas gallery to see the students’ work. All students will be expected to attend, as there will be performances, and certificates awarded. On the last day of Freedom School (August 4th) please pick your child up from Freedom School and bring them to Blank Canvas gallery for the commencement of the event at 6pm. If you are unable to pick up your child from Freedom School, your child may be bussed from Freedom School to the closing event at 6pm.

Information about the Closing Arts Show:

BLMTOFreedomSchool Fashion Statement is a show that celebrates the contributions of children, fashion designers, make-up and hair artists to the #BlackLivesMatter movement. The show will explore fashion and #BlackLivesMatter inspired wearables as a mode of self expression for liberation. The show will look at how the notion of beauty is constructed and why Steven Biko’s “Black is Beautiful” was seen as consciousness shifting statement. It will challenge oppressive notions of beauty, declare darkness as beautiful, and will celebrate different body types and physical disabilities in fashion. “BLMTOFreedomSchool Fashion Statement” will also explore the history of vogue dance and fashion in terms of how the ball scene centered homeless LGBTQ Black youth. It will challenge the exclusion of vogue, makeup, hair styling and fashion from “fine arts” as an institution.

The Art of BLMTO Freedom School will feature art from collaborating professional artists such as: Danillo McCallum, Twysted Monroe, Daniel Thompson, Tanya Turton and NiaZamar Redefining Beauty, Kit Lang, and Janine Carrington. These are aritsts who created educational resources for BLMTO Freedom School, participated as facilitators, or whose work is an inspiration to the students. Their work is in mediums such wearables, make up, painting, illustration etc. The children’s work will work in mirroring mediums to explore themes of resistance to state violence, and community activism.

The Art of BLMTO Freedom School show will remain in the gallery from August 4th-August 10th. At this time, the students work will be available for pickup.